CBC IV: Regulation DD, D, the new APYWIN, and Deposit Disasters


Nov 3, 2020 to Nov 4, 2020


In a recent publication, the FDIC indicated that the second most violated regulation for 2019 was Regulation DD. Although the regulation has not changed in many years, in order to either retain or grow market share, bank management and staff have been “creative” with new product offerings. And with the end (at least for now) of restrictions on transactions under Regulation D, the creativity is more permissible – to a point.  The impacts of these changes will be an important portion of our discussion. 

The second portion of the presentation will be a review of the new 2020 version of APYWIN. This compliance tool has been redesigned in part to assist banks with the new and more challenging products that they are creating. This portion of the presentation will discuss how to use the new APYWIN to assure compliance with the relevant parts of Regulation DD. The manual will assist attendees in the use of APYWIN, similar to APRWIN which was offered as a topic last year. 

The third portion of the presentation we have titled “Deposit Disasters.” Attendees will be given the opportunity to review the issues raised in real life hotline questions and audits Young & Associates, Inc. has performed, and to make decisions regarding how to resolve the issues presented, if necessary. “Deposit Disasters” will also include a review of advertisements - something that can create no end of difficulties if the bank is not careful. Attendees will get to take a look at the text of the advertisements and make decisions regarding whether the advertisements were correct, and if not, how to fix them. 

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