Measuring Financial Condition and Performance for Agricultural Businesses


Feb 25, 2020

Indiana Bankers Association
8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 155E
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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How can I evaluate loan repayment alternatives for agricultural loans, but do it in a timely and cost-effective manner?  The agricultural lending environment has changed dramatically from the 2006-2013 period due to lower commodity prices, but principal payments on term debt for capital purchases made during those more profitable years remain.  The result is varying degrees of financial stress among agricultural borrowers.  A review of the financial information needed to make informed decisions and a spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate repayment alternatives will be covered during this workshop.  The effectiveness of changes in operating strategies and loan terms on repayment capacity and breakeven are evaluated for different financial leverage situations, using that spreadsheet.  Join us for a day focused on which changes are effective and which ones are not during this latest period of farm financial stress.