Summer Certified Teller Program - Essential Teller Issues Seminar


Jul 21, 2020


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To register for this event, please print the PDF Brochure and fax to 317-333-7169 or email to

Essential Teller Issues is rated the most dynamic teller training experience in the country. You will want all your tellers to take part in this high impact workshop. The program zeroes in on six modules that remind your tellers of the importance of what they do, how they do it, what they say, and how they deliver customer service. Essential Teller Issues is an  information packed, attention grabbing fast-paced workshop. InterAction Training has been providing the Essential Teller Issues workshop for over 30 years and consistently receives rave reviews. Each participant will leave this workshop with a renewed commitment to excel on the job and the newest edition of the teller manual that serves as the guide for the program.

This seminar qualifies as part of the IBA Certified Teller Program.  In order to maintain this professional certification, tellers are required to recertify annually.