Fundamentals of IRA Beneficiary Designations & Distributions, Including SECURE & CARES Act Implications


Aug 6, 2020

03:00 pm – 4:30 pm EST
(90-minute webinar – recording also available)

The SECURE Act and CARES Act have drastically changed IRA distributions for many beneficiaries.  Do you understand the changes and compliance requirements?  What about the distribution options?  Now is the time to get up to speed!


Managing IRA beneficiary designations and explaining allowable distribution options to IRA beneficiaries may be the most complex area of administering an IRA program.  Now the SECURE Act and CARES Act have dramatically changed the distribution requirements for many IRA beneficiaries.  Learn the facts needed to confidently provide IRA beneficiaries with the information required to make informed decisions.  This timely session will provide a solid understanding of current IRA beneficiary rules and important considerations.