Calculating Cash Flow from Corporate Tax Returns


Jan 27, 2021

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EST
(90-minute webinar – recording also available)

Deciphering corporate tax returns is a necessary skill for commercial lenders.  However, the returns can be complicated, lengthy, and opaque.  They certainly aren’t designed to provide the crucial datapoint lenders need most:  cash flow.  Join this webinar to learn how to pinpoint a corporate borrower’s annual cash flow quickly and accurately.


Decoding corporate tax returns (C Corp) is essential for lenders.  However, tax returns are not designed to show what you are looking for: cash flow.  The C Corp tax form, Form 1120, is set up to report taxable incomes and allowable expenses of a company.  Those, however, often don’t indicate cash inflows and outflows.  In addition, tax returns will very likely report incomes and expenses on the accrual basis of accounting, where timing differences from cash basis can throw off your cash-flow calculation.  With this webinar, you will learn how to identify a corporate borrower’s annual cash flow quickly and reliably.  You will also be able to calculate the global cash flow of the owners and business combined.