2021 CANNABIS BANKING UPDATE: Is the Grass Greener?


Feb 16, 2021


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2021 CANNABIS BANKING UPDATE: Is the Grass Greener?
What we think we know? What we don’t know? What we need to know? How to proceed? Things we don’t know yet.

With the cannabis industry expected to grow to $30 billion by 2023 and with no signs of slowing down, banks can no longer ignore this industry. And it appears that the tide is turning toward marijuana banking when Arizona, South Dakota, New Jersey, Montana, and Mississippi legalized recreational or medical marijuana in the recent election adding to the club of lawmakers from states with some form of legal marijuana.

This program will provide critical information to bankers interested in serving the burgeoning marijuana industry or in avoiding banking it. We will also tackle operational challenges, risks, and lessons learned associated with cannabis and hemp banking as well as opportunities, up-to-date regulatory guidance, and banking trends in this green and quickly evolving environment.