2019 Graduate School of Banking Scholarship

These scholarships are funded by the Prochnow Educational Foundation and awarded through the Indiana Bankers Association. The scholarships pay $1,500 (approx. one-third) of the annual tuition for each of three GSB resident sessions, for a total value $4,500. Scholarship winners are chosen by the Indiana Bankers Association and selection is based on involvement in banking, the association and the community. Applicants must be entering their Freshman year at GSB. The application and scholarship summary can be found here. For further details, please contact Laurie Rees, Vice President Education & Training, at or by calling 317-387-9380.

2019 GSB Human Resources Management School Scholarship

The IBA is pleased to offer the following schools and online seminars in conjunction with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Graduate School of Banking    July 28- August 9, 2019
This 25-month leadership development program provides the tools you need to be successful in your banking career. Explore a broad range of electives, learn from talented faculty and participate in hands-on learning projects that challenge you to put key concepts to work in the real world. At GSB, you'll develop the critical thinking skills and leadership talents to manage change and motivate people by drawing on a clear understanding of all areas of financial services management.

Bank Technology Management School     March 31- April 5, 2019
Created especially for financial services IT professionals, this popular and respected program explores critical banking and technology issues. Through expert instruction and hands-on labs, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of bank profitability, technology management, security and more.

Bank Technology Security School     October 6-11, 2019
Don't miss this innovative one-week school that's designed by, and especially for, information security officers in the financial industry. This state-of-the-art program will broaden your understanding of the business of banking including key drivers of bank profitability, along with an in-depth, interactive and hands-on study of the latest IT security techniques and strategies.

Human Resource Management School     April 7-12, 2019
Designed specifically for financial services HR professionals to help tie together important banking and HR issues, this respected one-week school will expand your knowledge of the business of banking, human resource management and employee performance. Plus, you will return to your organization with a network of colleagues with whom to interact and exchange ideas for years to come.

Financial Managers School     September 15-20, 2019
This one-week school goes beyond the basics to present best practices and solutions to today's most critical financial management decisions. Designed by experienced CFOs for financial institution finance managers, this school provides the tools you need to build a solid foundation in asset/liability management.

GSB Online Classroom

Now you can participate in professional advanced management education programs at the convenience of your computer. The new GSB online classroom provides a variety of online seminars which are delivered LIVE over the Internet so you can have the most up-to-date information and still experience the interactive exchanges of a live seminar. This is not a "text-book-online" style of seminar, it is LIVE using some of today's top industry experts on timely topics for financial industry professionals.

The seminars are conveniently delivered LIVE over the Internet using state-of-the-art audio and video technology to make this a very interactive, and hands-on learning experience for participants. Enjoy the convenience of learning at your computer which saves you valuable time and money. Attendees will be active participants during the live sessions having the opportunity to ask questions via instant-messaging links with the facilitator or during 'open mic' sessions and participating in live opinion forums

Also, please note that the price listed for each seminar provides you with one online connection into the classroom. You are welcome to invite other staff from your organization to attend any, or all, of the live online seminar sessions and still pay only ONE registration fee. Feel free to gather around a single computer or use an LCD projector to project the presentation onto a screen -- all without additional cost! The GSB online classroom is a very effective and efficient training tool and we invite you to experience the value of attending a GSB online seminar.

The GSB Online Classroom incorporates technology innovations that provide comprehensive learning instruction utilizing state-of-the-art audio and video technology over the Internet.  These are not point-and-click, text-based seminars - they are LIVE, interactive seminars geared for senior management officers in your institution.  Outstanding members of GSB's renowned faculty present seminars on topics such as strategic planning, pricing, marketing, portfolio management, relationship selling, credit risk, human resource issues, leadership development, and more.  Over 17,000 financial services professionals have participated in a GSB online seminar since the program's inception just six years ago.  We invite you to experience the effectiveness and efficiency of the GSB Online Classroom.  See the list below for current programs being offered.

Current GSB Online Seminars Catalog

The GSB Online Classroom is a convenient and cost-effective way for you to participate in advanced management education seminars that are delivered LIVE over the Internet by some of today’s top industry professionals. Enjoy the convenience of learning at your computer which saves you valuable time and money.  These are not point-and-click, text-based seminars – they are live, interactive online seminars geared for senior management officers and others in your organization.  Plus, when you reserve your seat in the Online Classroom, others in your office can participate and you still pay only ONE registration fee. Click here to view the catalog.

IRA & HSA Online Training Seminars
A partnership alliance between GSB and BISYS Retirement Services means that IRA and HSA training programs can now be conveniently delivered LIVE over the Internet and right into your office.  Click here for a complete list of programs available.

Complete List of 2019 GSB Online Seminar Presentations
Please click on a seminar's title below for more detailed information about the program including a topic overview, speaker bio, dates offered, and cost.

Management Lending Technology

General Management

A/L Management

General Banking HR Management IRA & HSA Training Programs