FLD Leadership Conference

Are you ready to let your leadership potential soar to new heights? With the right mix of knowledge, ingenuity and motivation, you can become an influential leader in your bank and community. Join the IBA Future Leadership Division for the 2020 Leadership Conference in its new virtual format to gain the momentum you need to take your career to the next level.

Event Dates

Thursday, August 27, 2020 to Friday, August 28, 2020


This year’s FLD Leadership Conference will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new virtual conference is available to IBA members for only $100 per person. Due to several segments of roundtable discussion being incorporated in a virtual agenda, it is strongly advised that bankers register individually and attend the conference alone in their home or office to fully participate in peer discussion, networking and more.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who would like a chance to further leadership skills, listen to motivating speakers and network with colleagues from throughout the state should attend this event.


Susan Clark

Future Leadership Division
Josh Myers

Tentative Schedule
Thu, Aug 27
  • 1:00 - 5:15 p.m. (Eastern)
Fri, Aug 28
  • 8:30 a.m. - 12 :00 Noon (Eastern)
Program Topics
What I Wish I Knew
Kendra Ramirez, Owner, Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency

What I wish I knew as an emerging leader. I am sharing how I climbed the ladder in business and areas that held me back from being even more successful. Helping you identify areas that might be holding you back in your career.

Remote Team Management Skills
JT Turner

The challenges of managing a remote team have come to the forefront in recent times. One key lesson is to be sure and have the best skills ready for deployment as needed. This session will cover the Seven “C”s of Remote Team Management, best practices to maintain contact, real time reviews and suggestions for balancing flexibility with profitability. 

Congressional Update
Susan Sullivan, Vice President, Congressional Relations, Independent Community Bankers of America

Grassroots advocacy is one of the areas where emerging leaders are needed most in the banking industry. Your knowledge of banking issues and the legislative environment in which they are debated can have a major impact on the future sustained success of banking. Susan Sullivan, vice president of congressional relations with the Independent Community Bankers of America will share the latest legislative topics, how COVID-19 factors into banking policy, and why your voice is needed.

Speed Roundtables

Back by popular demand, the conference will feature fast-paced networking sessions to help you get to know other attendees and discuss current issues and trends in banking. These roundtables are an effective way to break down complex topics and gain real-life feedback.

Have topic ideas or questions that you would like to discuss? Send them to IBA’s Chris Bennett prior to the conference.

Leadership Presence
Alex Perry, CEO, Practically Speaking, LLC

You want to be a leader who influences, inspires, and creates action. Your role requires you to speak with confidence no matter who's around the table. Research suggests that leadership presence accounts for 25 percent of what gets us the next level in our careers.

But what is leadership presence, and how do we get more of it?

In this interactive workshop, you'll define leadership presence, learn a simple three-part framework for developing your leadership presence, identify common leadership presence pitfalls, and strategically plan for your leadership presence.

Staying relevant in an ever changing, competitive marketplace.
Damian Mason

In business, as in nature, there are two choices: adapt to your environment or perish. Change, and you survive. But if you reinvent, you not only survive, you thrive. In this informative and entertaining production, Damian Mason provides real world examples of ReInvention gone right and wrong. He analyzes the three methods of ReInvention: change your product, change your customers, or change your image. Damian knows ReInvention. He’s done it. He brings that credibility to the stage, along with comedic delivery and crisp commentary.

ReInvention: Because nobody cares how good your company used to be.

The Go Game Group Competition

Join us for a fun-filled, competitive group competition where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills in trivia, puzzles, GIF battles, lip syncing and more! 

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