Compensation Survey

2020 Compensation Survey

The IBA is pleased to offer you the 2020 Indiana Financial Institutions Compensation & Benefits Report.  In partnership with Crowe LLP, we have gathered information on compensation and human resource issues for the benefit of all our members.  We believe that this data is extremely valuable to executives and boards of directors in helping design and manage effective, competitive and reasonable reward programs in their organizations.

Thank you to the 44 institutions that participated in this year’s survey.  Their contributions allowed us to be able to offer this beneficial information to you.  All data is reported by peer group, including:

Financial Institutions Represented by Asset Range
   Less Than $250 Million - 18
   $250 Million - $500 Million - 16
   $500 Million - $1 Billion - 3
   Greater Than $1 Billion - 7

Financial Institutions Represented by Population Size
   Less than 100,000 - 42
   Greater than 100,000 - 2

Reports are available for Indiana only, the Midwest Region (IN, IL, MI, OH) or all participating institutions in the U.S.


For further information or assistance, contact Rod Lasley at the IBA, 317-387-9380.