Indiana Directory of Financial Institutions

Features of the directory include name, address and telephone number of every Indiana bank, savings and loan and credit union, plus listings of officers, directors, total assets, deposits, correspondent banks, counties and population - and much more as provided by each institution! Also included are state and federal agencies associated with the financial institutions industry and IBA's organizational listings - officers, staff, committees, banks by county and the "Yellow Pages" of financial services. We know you will find this publication to be Indiana's most complete financial institutions directory.

The pricing schedule for the print directory is as follows:

1-10 Copies
  Members - $45 each  /  Nonmembers - $70 each

11-24 Copies
  Members - $43 each  /  Nonmembers - $68 each

25-49 Copies
  Members - $41 each  /  Nonmembers -  $66 each

50+ Copies
  Members - $39 each  /  Nonmembers - $64 each



Online Edition & Comma-Delimited Edition Available

In conjunction with the print format, there are two additional formats available. The online edition includes all the content of the print edition, plus the interactive benefits of the Web, including the ability to search by bank, location, asset size and person's name, and includes hyperlinks to websites. A 12-month subscription is available to IBA members for $35. The comma-delimited edition, available on CD or flash drive, can be imported into Excel or other programs, making it ideal for marketing campaigns. It is available to IBA members for $350.