IBA Leadership Development Program


Mar 16, 2021 to Mar 18, 2021

Abe Martin Lodge - Brown County State Park
1405 State Rd 46 W
Nashville, IN 47448

A One-of-A-Kind Learning Experience A world-class faculty teamed with the Indiana Bankers Association to tailor a program that will have an immediate, positive impact on attendees and the banks that sponsor them. This series of four sessions, spaced over an eight-month period, is intense and demanding. It is designed for future bank leaders who are motivated and eager to reach full potential. An ambition to excel is a requisite for this series, as is the desire to face and learn from challenges. The ideal candidate for this program should have:

  • The courage to overcome personal weaknesses;
  • A competitive attitude that allows for productive teamwork; and
  • A collaborative spirit that centers on problem-solving, with input from all levels of the bank.

An Attendee Will Graduate With Skills To:

  • Apply core concepts of leadership and management
  • Articulate and advocate persuasively for the bank and industry
  • Make courageous decisions crucial to the bank’s success
  • Think, plan and successfully execute bank initiatives
  • Deliver compelling business presentations
  • Motivate themselves and others to help the bank thrive
  • Contribute to the future of banking with innovative, forward thinking
  • Build and lead high performance teams
  • Developing organizational cultures that sustain success

A Better You At the conclusion of the eight-month program, the participant will be poised to contribute significantly to the bank’s future, as well as contribute positively to the bank’s work environment by building and maintaining influential relationships with employees and supervisors.

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